Sunday Adventures with a fellow Photographer

March 31, 2015  •  2 Comments

Sunday was an event-filled day! I realize that some people may think of Sunday is a day of rest, but for a photographer, weekends tend to be the busiest time of the week. My day was filled with meetings and a photoshoot. The interesting thing about this photoshoot was that it was with fellow photographer, Rolanda Wiebe. 

We explored Morden for new locations to shoot. The tracks proved to be a great place to shoot this shot. We moved to several different locations around Morden, sometimes Rolanda was the subject, sometimes I was the subject. It was an interesting experience being in front of the camera instead of behind it. (Photos to come)

A fire escape was another stop on our tour of Morden's places to photograph. After we had photographed at several places in Morden, we took off for a remote shale pit out side of city limits. We were happy that we had decided to take Rolanda's truck with had 4x4 as the roads were muddy and had deep ruts. 

As some of you know, I love to shoot panoramic views when possible. This location had such an expanse of interesting things to see, I shot two panoramas of it.

The lake in the middle was still frozen, but the road leading to it was much to muddy to go down, so we took the high road. The tall grass, the golden light and the interesting landscape made for some great photos.

Study of a Photographer

The nearly waist-high, brown grasses made the location ideal to get some great shots of Rolanda shooting for her website and for me to grab this shot.

Study of a Photographer 2

Shooting into the sun is always a challenge, but we were both well able to rise to the occasion and get some good golden light shots.

The sun graced us with golden light for nearly 40 minutes and as much as I'm not a sun-flare kind of person, the light was just too perfect not to grab this shot as Rolanda sat in the grasses. This is an edited version, the original looks like this:

I tried editing it several ways and am having trouble deciding which one I like best. I'll post them here and as for your feedback on which one you like best.

There you have it, five different edits of the same photo. Not sure which one I like best. Could you help me out?


tina wiebe(non-registered)
Great shots
Rolanda Wiebe(non-registered)
Great job! I can't decide between the first, original and second last!
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